C-DS4E-L2 Relay Module


Four pole, bi-stable, two coil, telecom / signal relay, polarised, 4 pole changeover / 4 Form C / 4PDT with 

Product details

The C-DS4E relay module is manufactured by Cephos Electronic Circuits Ltd. in the UK – a relay module to replace several classic telecomms. small signal relays that have not been manufactured for several years and are now obsolete and very difficult to source.

The more common of these obsolete relays is the Panasonic DS4E-L2 relay.

The C-DS4E-L2 relay module is a drop-in replacement for this relay.

Coil Voltages

The Cephos C-DS4E-L2 5V, 12V and 24V coil voltage versions are normally ex-stock and available for immediate shipping, other coil voltages are manufactured to order on a short lead time ( subject to component availability)

Technical data and specification

Contact type: Bifurcated crossbar

Contacts: Ag (Au-Alloy)

Max. Sw. Power: 60W / 62.5VA

Max. Sw. Voltage: 220Vdc / 250Vac

Max. Sw. Current: 2A

Nominal Coil Power: 5V/12V: 400mW, 24V: 600mW

C-DS4E-L2 relay

Module dimensions

Operation parameters

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