Obsolete BT53 type relays

Cephos C-BT53

Relay module

This is the relay module that can replace these obsolete BT53 type relays:

  • Panasonic DF2
  • Omron G5A-234P
  • Fujitsu FBR46
  • Fujitsu BT53(W)

The C-BT53 is a drop-in replacement with the same footprint and pinning as the obsolete original manufacturer parts.

The relay module can be inserted into existing DIL pcb sockets or soldered directly into the printed circuit board

General Description

The Cephos C-BT53 versions, with coil voltages of 5V, 12V and 24V,  are normally ex-stock and available for immediate shipping, other coil voltages are manufactured to order on a short lead time ( subject to component availability).


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