Panasonic TQ4 relay

Status: Obsolete


Four pole telecom / signal relay, polarised, 4 pole changeover / 4 Form C / 4PDT

Product details

The  original TQ4 relay was manufactured by Panasonic, a relay which became a popular small signal relay. This relay has not been manufactured for several years. it is obsolete and very difficult to source.

The original datasheet for the Panasonic TQ4 is available to be downloaded below.

Coil Voltages

Originally manufactured in coil voltages ranging from  3V to 48V dc, the most popular coil voltages used at the time in the telecomms and control industries were 5V, 12V and 24V

Cephos Alternatives

Technical data and specification

Max. Sw. Power

Max. Sw. Voltage

Max. Sw. Current


Low Coil Power

30W / 62.5VA

30Vdc / 125Vac


Ag (Au clad)


Original TQ4 relay dimensions

Panasonic TQ4 datasheet

Datasheet detailing the original TQ4 relay operating data

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