Obsolete Relays

A cross-reference guide for the Cephos alternatives of many obsolete small signal relays using original manufacturer, relay type or original part number in the search box below to speed up your search

Relay Cross-Reference

Original ManufacturerOriginal Part NumberCoil Voltage (V)Cephos Replacement
PanasonicTQ4-5V5C-TQ4/1 (5V)
PanasonicTQ4-12V12C-TQ4/3 (12V)
PanasonicTQ4-24V24C-TQ4/5 (24V)
FujitsuBT53/15C-BT53/1 (5V)
FujitsuBT53/312C-BT53/3 (12V)
FujitsuBT53/524C-BT53/5 (24V)
FujitsuFBR46ND0055C-BT53/1 (5V)
FujitsuFBR46ND01212C-BT53/3 (12V)
FujitsuFBR46ND02424C-BT53/5 (24V)
FujitsuRA4-5W-K5C-DS4E/1 (5V)
FujitsuRA4-12W-K12C-DS4E/3 (12V)
FujitsuRA4-24W-K24 C-DS4E/5 (24V)
IMOEN4-CW12C-DS4E/3 (12V)
IMOEN4-CW24C-DS4E/5 (24V)
OmronG5A-234P-53/15C-BT53/1 (5V)
OmronG5A-234P-53/312C-BT53/3 (12V)
OmronG5A-234P-53/524C-BT53/5 (24V)
OmronG6A-434P-5V5C-DS4E/1 (5V)
OmronG6A-434P-12V12C-DS4E/3 (12V)
OmronG6A-434P-24V24C-DS4E/5 (24V)
OmronLZN4-5V5C-NF4EB/1 (5V)
OmronLZN4-12V12C-NF4EB/3 (12V)
OmronLZN4-24V24C-NF4EB/5 (24V)
PanasonicDF2-DC05V5C-BT53/1 (5V)
PanasonicDF2-DC12V12C-BT53/3 (12V)
PanasonicDF2-DC24V24C-BT53/5 (24V)
PanasonicDS4E-M-DC5V5C-DS4E/1 (5V)
PanasonicDS4E-M-DC12V12C-DS4E/3 (12V)
PanasonicDS4E-M-DC24V24C-DS4E/5 (24V)
PanasonicNF4EB-5V5C-NF4EB/1 (5V)
PanasonicNF4EB-12V12C-NF4EB/3 (12V)
PanasonicNF4EB-24V24C-NF4EB/5 (24V)
PanasonicTK1-5V5C-TK1/1 (5V)
PanasonicTK1-12V12C-TK1/3 (12V)
PanasonicTK1-24V24C-TK1/5 (24V)
SiemensV23104-A10015C-MT4/1 (5V)
SiemensV23104-A100312C-MT4/3 (12V)
SiemensV23104-A100524C-MT4/5 (24V)
Tyco / TE / AxicomMT4-C938015C-MT4/1 (5V)
Tyco / TE / AxicomMT4-C9380212C-MT4/3 (12V)
Tyco / TE / AxicomMT4-C9380324C-MT4/5 (24V)
Tyco / TE1-1462032-15C-MT4/1 (5V)
Tyco / TE1-1462032-412C-MT4/3 (12V)
Tyco / TE1-1462032-724C-MT4/5 (24V)
ZettlerAZ7-4C5C-NF4EB/1 (5V)
ZettlerAZ7-4C12C-NF4EB/3 (12V)
ZettlerAZ7-4C24C-NF4EB/5 (24V)
ZettlerAZ7-4C48C-NF4EB (48V)
American ZettlerAZ521-07-10 5VDC5C-AZ521/1 (5V)
American ZettlerAZ521-07-10 12VDC12C-AZ521/3 (12V)
American ZettlerAZ521-07-10 24VDC24C-AZ521/5 (24V)
Cross-reference guide for obsolete signal relays

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